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The Moonlight Club

Preorder our self-titled debut album, featuring 11 original tracks recorded with love in Montreal, Canada.


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↑ Check our video. It’s a short recap of our last 2 years making a record.

So this is it! We’ve been working on this album project for over 2 years. But to be honest, it’s been in the making for 10 years. It’s John and François kid’s dream to record an album. The Moonlight Club self-titled debut album will feature 11 original tracks recorded at Breakglass Studios in Montreal. It’s a 100% independent effort. We did it in our own imperfect way.

So what’s in it? Well, this album feels more like a movie soundtrack than a carefully packaged modern product. We try to forget in which era or country we are. We mix ’60s folk-rock jangle and 80’s new wave. We opted for a raw and minimalist style of production and we didn’t hesitate to keep the imperfections of studio recordings. The music is authentic and carried by a significant energy and sometimes tinged with melancholy that reminds of REM or The Smiths. John & François naturally exchange vocal duties throughout the album, as a nod to classic rock bands like The Kinks or Fleetwood Mac.

We recorded in go-to Plateau-Mont-Royal studio Breakglass with longtime producer David Smith who’s very familiar with Canadian staples (Leif Vollebekk, Patrick Watson, Elephant Stone). Pop producer and friend Danny Lutz was let loose to play keyboards on selected tracks. Ryan Morey, Montreal mastering icon, was the engineer of choice for the final touch.

The Moonlight Club acts as an open creative platform. The Vinyl cover is the work of up-and-coming art director Olivier Charland, who worked with real physical materials to echo the band’s discipline to produce music in a minimalist way. Martin Côté, a talented photographer, documented the last two years of the band. Francis Boucher, a local illustrator, is working on a storybook that will be released in 2018. The gang all grew up together, connecting through arts, skateboarding and music.

The Moonlight Club is John Pankert (bass, vocals), Francois Royer Mireault (guitars, vocals) and Francois Rousseau (drums). Our self-titled debut album will be released digitally and physically in February 2017. It’s an important milestone in our mission to bring back authentic and inspired rock music. At the end of day, we want you to listen to this and feel inspired to start a project of your own. Because ours took over 10 years to come together and it was completely worth it.

The official tracklist is:

1. A Little Too Easy
2. Are You Up
3. Hung Higher
4. Simon & Nico
5. Some Kinda Life
6. Keep Going*
7. Stranger*
8. Tonight
9. On My Road*
10. Black Two Sugars
11. Living Lost

*These tracks are not included in the vinyl version which features 8 selected tracks.


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AccessPass: The Moonlight Club Download

The Moonlight Club Download

The new album on digital download PLUS access to artist updates. You will receveive a high quality digital download (Wavs mastered for iTunes) of the album when released!

Signed Vinyl (limited edition)

Signed Vinyl (limited edition)
60 left

Forthcoming album on 12’ vinyl, signed by the whole crew. Might be worth a fortune in 2067 when we celebrate our 50th anniversary.

[Vinyl may be slightly delayed due to manufacturing backups]

Vinyl + Limited Edition Postcards

Vinyl + Limited Edition Postcards
45 left

One of our 2 exclusive postcards featuring original artwork created by Olivier Charland. Each card is signed by the band and numbered. Perfect for your fridge or in a mini frame.


183 left

One of our 2 exclusive postcards featuring original artwork created by Olivier Charland. Each card is signed by the band and numbered. Perfect for your fridge or in a mini frame.


Our new self-titled album featuring 11 new tracks on a CD. Perfect for the car, or your old Discman. The CD comes in a really cool eco-friendly pack that unfolds like a mini poster. The album was recorded in may 2017 at Breakglass Studios in Montreal by David Smith and Mastered by Ryan Morey at Grey Market.

Francois's Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pedal

Francois's Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pedal
All gone!

Even if the guys beg him to put that distortion on more often, Francois is more into clean sounds. This pedal was used on the recording of ‘On My Road’ and ‘Black, Two Sugars’. It is in perfect condition and was never used outside the studio.

John's Tuner

John's Tuner
1 left

John is always out of tune. So we decided we should just sell the tuner anyways. The precious item was used during the recording (as seen in the picture) to make sure his bass was in tune throughout the whole week. Collector’s item!

Signed Drumsticks by Francois

Signed Drumsticks by Francois
4 left

Francois never breaks his sticks. So it’s rare he can give them away. Here’s your chance ;-)

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