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SXSW 2019

We're going to SXSW Festival and we need yer help!


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We are The Ninth Wave from Glasgow, thank you for visiting our Pledge site. In March 2019, we’ll be making the leap over that big pond that is the barrier between us and America. We’re going to be playing SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. This is something that has always been a milestone in our heads and the fact that we are actually getting the chance to perform there still hasn’t quite sunk in!!!
However, getting us, a few old synths, guitars and some red rubber gloves over to the USA is quite a pricey venture to embark upon! That’s why we’re asking for your help – we’ve set up our own shop of miscellaneous services and questionable goods and we hope that there’s something on the list that tickles your fancy. We’ll be eternally grateful to anyone that is able to help us get over there, as you’ll be a part of us doing something that we never really thought we’d get the chance to do.
Thanks for liking our music and supporting us!


Haydn, Millie & Lewis XXX


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Fresh Batch Of Vegan Scones, Hand Delivered!

Fresh Batch Of Vegan Scones, Hand Delivered!
6 left

Haydn will make you a fresh batch of vegan scones, delivered right to your door!!! They are truly scrumptious, hand made with love
However, you must be warned – Haydn only feels comfortable making these scones when he is dressed as a sexy pig

Mix Tape To Fit Your Chosen Mood

Mix Tape To Fit Your Chosen Mood
14 left

Choose a mood and we will make a mix tape (on cassette) to fit.
Anything from really really sad to sexy and everything in between, complete with hand drawn artwork/tracklisting!
The price includes postage

Modular Performance From Lewis At Your Party

Modular Performance From Lewis At Your Party
4 left

If you’re having an afters then Lewis will soundtrack your evening with a set consisting of bleeps and bloops
The price includes travel/set up etc

Go to our YouTube channel and watch the video titled “noise by lewis” to get a taste of what you can expect

Flesch EP - CD

Flesch EP - CD
All gone!

This is our physical-only EP featuring our two latest singles, “A Wave Goodbye To The People Who Said I’d Win” and “Sometimes The Silence Is Sweeter”.
It also has an alt mix of New Kind Of Ego and Reformation!
Price includes postage

"Swallow Me" Mug

6 left

Start your morning right!!!
Drink your favourite brew from the perfect mug
Price includes postage

(picture coming soon but we promise they are really good)

Personalised PVC Gauntlets (with surprise gift)

Personalised PVC Gauntlets (with surprise gift)
12 left

These gloves served us well and now they’re going to serve you well – perfect for birthing cows, doing the dishes, disposing of chemical waste or of course, to spice things up in the bedroom :)
They will come with a surprise gift (of our choice), who knows what you will get!
Price includes postage

Millie Will Photo-document An Event Of Your Choice

5 left

Millie will take photos at an event of your choice, using one roll of film on her 35mm camera
Price includes film + development
Please note: taking photos of winkies or other naughty things will not count as an event

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