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New Album - Philadelphia Project

Pre-order the new album from The Payroll Union and get access to loads of exclusives - music, videos and plenty more!


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Welcome to our Pledge Music page!

For the past year, we’ve been working hard on an exciting new project. Teaming up with the University of Sheffield, our new record will transport you another time and place in history! This collaboration with the University’s History Department aims to look at the past from different perspectives. Working with arists, film-makers, writers and historians, we want to see what happens when you look at history from a number of artistic angles.

So far, we’ve learnt so much from working with so many creative people on this project, and it’s a journey that’s been full of ups and downs. We’re nearly there – but we need your help!

We’re asking you to pledge your support to make sure we have an album that we (and you!) are proud of. We want to bring you onto the front row for this one, and offer you unprecedented access to our record-making process. You are the record label now!

Below, you’ll see all our exclusives, from signed CDs and T-Shirts to a day in the studio to Ben’s beard in a frame! Whatever tickles your fancy, get stuck in, and whatever you pledge, you’ll get insider updates from us on how we’re getting on.

Thank you for your support – we couldn’t do it without you!

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Assist Sheffield.

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AccessPass: New Album

New Album

Digital download of our new album.

Our New Album On CD


Be one of the first people to get the new album on CD! As soon as we’ve received our shipment, the first thing we’ll do is send you your copy, well before the official release.

Project Mug

65 left

Specially designed mug with album artwork, available only on Pledge!

Signed Copy Of The New Album On CD


Be one of the first to get your hands on the new album – signed by the band!

Ben's Drum Sticks - Signed

3 left

Get your hands on a signed pair of Ben’s drum sticks.

Signed Poster


An exclusive poster, only available through Pledge, featuring new artwork from the new album. Signed by all the band.

T-Shirt - exclusive to Pledge!

54 left

We’re producing some exclusive screen-printed t-shirts just for you Pledgers! With a unique design by guitarist Tom, you’re in for a real treat with this exclusive – not available anywhere else!

Signed Back Catalogue


Get all of our CDs, including the new album, signed by all members of the band.

Exclusive Unreleased EP

98 left

Now, this really is special. We usually have to cut a few songs from the final edit and this is a rare opportunity to hear a limited edition release – songs from the vaults!

Handwritten Lyrics + notes

Handwritten Lyrics + notes

Have your own personalised copy of the lyrics, lovingly written out by Pete in his own unique scrawl. Included are notes on each song’s themes.

Join Us For A Rehearsal


Come share a beer and some beautiful music in our rehearsal room in Sheffield. Shake a tambourine and get on the backing vocals! Travel costs not included.

Your Name In The Liner Notes + Signed CD


You’ll be part of the new album…literally! With your name appearing in a special “thank you” section of the album’s sleeve notes. PLUS a signed CD.

Signed Polaroid Shots From The Studio

Signed Polaroid Shots From The Studio
3 left

We’ll take a series of polaroids directly from the studio just for you! No one else will have these unique shots. All photos will be signed by the band.

Ben's Beard

1 left

Ben’s beard is pretty epic, and he’s willing to shave it off and frame it for you, all for the cause of the album. A once in a lifetime opportunity!

Dinner With The Band

5 left

Spend an evening with the band over some homemade grub in Sheffield, for you and a friend. Board games and open fire included! Travel costs not included.

Sing With Us Live!

3 left

Don’t just sing along in the audience; share centre-stage with Pete for a song. Feel the warmth of the lights on your face, the crowd in your heart and the band backing you! Travel costs not included.

A Day In The Studio

5 left

Be our guest in the studio for the day as we bring the new album to life! Spend the day with us in Sheffield, and get a real insight into the workings of the band (arguments included!).

Be A Video Star!

1 left

Feature in one of our new videos from the new album! You’ll work with the band and a professional video company in Sheffield to help us bring the visual texture of the song to life.

Cover Song of Your Choice


You name the song (within reason) and it will be covered in a very unique way. You’ll receive a video of the rendition.

We'll Do Your Odd-Jobs!

2 left

Got a painting job you keep putting off? Is the garden looking a bit scruffy? It turns out the band are pretty DIY-handy and can offer you a day’s work! Will travel within 100 mile radius.

Sing/Play On The New Album!

2 left

Fancy yourself as a bit of a singer? Or maybe you play a bit? Handy with a tambourine? Come to Sheffield and get right in the thick of the album-making and get credited in the sleeve notes too!

House Gig


A full band gig in your front room! We’ll play anywhere in the UK (or beyond if you can cover the airfare!) with a set of all your favourites plus we’ll debut some new material just for you.

Guest List For Life

4 left

Never worry again about booking for one of our gigs! We’ll make sure you’re on the guest list for all of our future shows.

Framed Original Artwork Signed By Artist & Band

1 left

We’re working with renowned illustrator (and Bromheads’ drummer!), Dan Potter, to create something really special for the artwork. Signed by Dan and the band – only one available!

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