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mathias skeppstedt

mathias skeppstedt commented

Have not gotten any of my stuff yet :( So I am curious to see how the t-shirt turned out. How does it look, what is the print?

Lucan Shortis

Lucan Shortis commented

When do we expect to see physical copies in Australia?
Am fighting off temptations to buy a copy here, knowing my pledge parcel is in transit.

Lucan Shortis

Lucan Shortis commented

Got my CDs and t-shirt, but not the poster. Is that shipping separately?

Artist response
Julia Ruzicka

Julia Ruzicka commented

Hi Lucan,
Yes the posters did ship separately. They went out a week ago. Please do let us know if it hasn't arrived yet by this Friday.

Lucan Shortis

Lucan Shortis commented

Too good. Love the new songs and look forward to seeing you in Melbourne again.

Matt horn

Matt horn commented

Is there a link to download the ep if we've bought the physical copy?

Lee Kew-Moss

Lee Kew-Moss commented

Me too - My CD copy doesn't seem to be readable in computers...


xolbe2 commented

My mate tells me there's a new FOTL record out. 'Great' I think to myself as I swiftly jump on the intenet to throw money about. Eventually I find myself at a website where lots of people are talking about how great the new album is but there's not a single link that will let me buy and listen to it, cos I'm a few months late to the party. 'Elitist cunts' I think to myself.

Long story short, how do I buy it?

Rainy Maple Logan

Rainy Maple Logan commented

Jesus fucking christ this is so good. I think each album has just gotten better and better. I have to go play my drums now. I'm all wound up.

Peder Nelson

Peder Nelson commented

Can't stop listening...I think its lovely.

Brodie Pomper

Brodie Pomper commented

You've never seen a human deploy insect biocontrols on greenhouse plants like I did high on FotL's new album yesterday.

Brodie Pomper

Brodie Pomper commented

Oh yeah, and I second that request to be able to download the mini album. I'll even pay for it separately; your words and instrumentation are worth blood-soaked American money.

Matt Datillo

Matt Datillo commented

I have rotated through just about every song on this record in terms of which is my favorite. I think right now I'm stuck on White Privilege Blues.

Matthew Kowalyk

Matthew Kowalyk commented

This morning I had soup to make, so I made it listening to this album. The soup was made with healthful ingredients and furiously energetic joy.