The 30 Song Project & Plastic Bag Video

Please help us to pay for a video to go with our Plastic Bag Song to support the banning of the plastic bag in the UK!

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Hi all

So, here’s how this works – if you ‘pledge’ – really what you’re doing is picking an exclusive gift from me and I will make it for you and send it once I’ve raised what I need to raise. Then, your money will go towards me commissioning an animator to make a video for the plastic bag song which I wrote with Tom Davies as part of the 30 songs in 30 days project. The exclusives are on the right and your credit card will not be charged until I have raised the full amount that we need.

I wish I could change everything in this world that is harming it but with your help we can try and change one little bit. Plastic bags are really harming our environment and in many countries they are banned. We have written a song to raise more environment awareness through a quirky, fun, uptempo, pop choon which kids love! I would like to get it into a studio, recorded properly and to an animator to make a great video to go with it and with your help – I can.

Thank you for your ongoing support and all the positive thoughts you send.

I’ll also be donating a portion of the proceeds raised here to Greenpeace for the amazing work they do.

Please sign the petition here –

I wish you well,


20% post goal
20% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Greenpeace.


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AccessPass: The Plastic Bag Song & Video & 5 tracks from "30"

The Plastic Bag Song & Video & 5 tracks from "30"

The Plastic Bag Song was written by myself, Kirsty Almeida and Tom Davies and is a funny, quirky, kooky pop song about plastic bags. Plastic bags are adding to the ruin of our beautiful world and I have decided to make it my mission to ban them in the UK.

Digital Download of 15 Tracks from "30"


Digital Download of 15 songs downloads from ‘30’ the album


15 left

Screen printed by us using a few of the lyrics of the Plastic Bag Song as a design

Handwritten lyric sheet (any of my songs)

25 left

A hand written lyric scroll of any of my songs – you pick – decorated by me for you

Special handmade of Acoustic Album


A special handmade version of my newly recorded Acoustic Album with lots of old and new songs

Signed Handmade CD of '30'

22 left

Handmade by us for you – limited edition cd of ‘30’ with handmade cover and will include the Plastic Bag Song

Handwritten thankyou note

49 left

A decorated and personalised handwritten thankyou note from me x

Handmade CD '30' and 30 postcards of '30' images


A handmade copy of the 30 songs with 30 postcards of the artwork to go with the songs

Birthday song recorded for your next birthday

10 left

Birthday song recorded for you for your next birthday

I'll record a cover song of your choice

2 left

We will record a cover version of a song of your choice at the same time as the Plastic Bag Song video if you would like – any

Signed original artwork

3 left

Original signed artwork sent to you as soon as it’s ready

iPod Nano with entire catalogue and some extra goodies

5 left

iPod containing our entire catalogue, rare demos and a personal message to you

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