We are cancelling our Pledge Music Campaign. Please read.

Pledge Music Campaign

With an unhealthy dose of anger, frustration and sorrow I must inform you that we will be cancelling our PledgeMusic campaign today (1/25/19) at 12:00 CST. We have recently been made aware that Pledge Music has been defaulting on artist payments over the past 18 months and the problem has only gotten worse. We originally believed that PledgeMusic was the right partner for us to launch a crowd source campaign to support the recording, mixing, mastering and printing of our debut LP – Damn The Wind. At the time we truly felt that PledgeMusic would serve as the right medium to help us get our message out to our fans and supporters and enable us to focus on the work that needed to be done to create what we hope is/will be a great record. Unfortunately, shortly after our project reached “full funding” the walls began tumbling down and we began to gain unsettling insight into the funding issues and incompetence plaguing PledgeMusic and the artists and fans whom they have taken advantage of .

Pledge Music has payment terms that are stipulated as such (copied directly from their website)

Targeted Pre-order: This is where you have a set goal to reach a financial target. We typically launch the campaign with a 60 day timeline to reach the goal, once the goal is reached, the campaign stays open until the release date (and sometimes beyond- to allow you to continue to bring in more orders). The goal must be reached in order to receive the funds, and pledgers are only charged once you reach your goal. The payment schedule works as follows:

-You receive 60% of the goal amount when the goal is reached

-You receive 25% of the goal amount when you release the download to pledgers

-You receive any funds raised above the goal (minus our 15% commission) 2 weeks after the last item is marked as shipped in the campaign.

We hit full funding on January 1st and at that moment, per PledgeMusic payment terms we should have been issued 60% of the funds raised. When we requested payment they said that payments would be delayed and that no time table could be provided on when payment would be issued. That is when we started to worry. We began to dig a little deeper and unfortunately uncovered a plethora of similar issues and challenges. I will now defer you all to the recent news articles posted on 1/24 and 1/25.



Communication stalled completely with Pledge with no answers or timelines given. The money that we raised via our PledgeMusic campaign was intended to be used to directly cover the costs of our production and printing team. Their failure to pay us the money that you all so generously contributed to our campaign has now left us past due on our own obligations to the recording studio, the mastering/mixing engineers and the merchandise/printing company. To cover those costs we have sold guitar amps, instruments and maxed out credit cards.

We have lost ALL faith in PledgeMusic as an organization. We are angry and you all should be as well.

What to do next:

1) Please, do NOT contribute to any active PledgeMusic campaigns and please pass along our story (and the story of numerous other artists) to any musician who may be considering using their platform

2) IMMEDIATELY reach out to PledgeMusic and cancel your Pledge to our campaign. I would also encourage you to reach out to your Credit Card/Bank to declare the charges as Fraudulent in order to ensure you receive a full refund (more details on this below)

3) Lastly, we humbly ask you to PLEASE head directly to our website and repurchase your original PledgeMusic package directly from us. – www.theplotthounds.com/store We have placed all of the PledgeMusic campaign offerings now directly on our website. This will ensure that your contributions will go directly to us and we will then be able to deliver and fulfill on our obligations and promises to you.

We hope this challenging issue has not caused any of you to lose faith in us. That is what we are most concerned about. We are a grass roots, fully independent, home grown band and we do this solely for the dedicated fans like yourself who believe in us and our music.

Please feel free to pick up the phone and call Noah directly..yes this is his actual cell phone number – 612-208-5191 if you have any questions or concerns and please consider re-launching your original pledge via our website directly.

Long live country music and the fans that breathe air into the creators and a big middle finger to PledgeMusic who stole from peter to pay paul with no regard to the fans or the musicians.


The Plott Hounds

Cancelling Your Pledge: (From PledgeMusic Website)


Re-order your original contribution here:


AccessPass Update

Fully Funded! Thank you

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We hit our funding goal as of 1/8/2019 and we are all incredibly excited, grateful and humbled that you all decided to believe in us and this new record we are crea...
This update contains
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Album Preview Video (track samples)

Hey Folks! Happy Friday to you all…. We recently got our hands on the first rough draft of mixes. They still have a ways to go but we wanted to create a little track sample video to give you all some insight into what we have been cooking up. Take a listen/view below and share with your friends. We still have some ways to go to get this thing fully funded over the next 3 weeks. Hopefully giving folks a preview of what is in store will help us get there. Again, big thanks to all of you who have helped us out so far and stood by us as a group. We appreciate you. Cheers! – The Plott Hounds

Click here for Video Link:

Album Art is getting close! (70% funded)

Hey Folks,
Hope you all are all gearing up for safe, happy and fun holiday season. We are in the final stages of the record. Mixing has been going great and we are about a day away from shipping it off to be “mastered”. I am hoping that as soon as a week from today I will be able to send out some tracks to all of our pledgers for a sneaky first listen.
We have a little undder 3 weeks left to go in our campaign and we are still sitting at 70%. We are so close to our goal. Please keep spreading the word. We are beyond thankful for the support we have received thus far and we can’t wait to get this music out to you all. Here is a sneak peak of the first draft of the album art. This is for the printed CD’s. The Vinyl record will have a fold out where folks who choose to pledge for a thank you in the liners will be listed proudly. Let us know what you think!

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28 Days left! Update - Tracking is done!

Tracking is wrapped up! Hours of guitar riffs, vocals, drums, bass, b3 organ, percussion and even a freaking cello…. We laid it all out on the line and it was exhausting….exhausting in a good way…kind of how you feel after taking some big test..you bust your ass and give it your best shot and then you sit and wait for the results. That is where we are at. It is now officially mix time where we get to dissect everything and try to put it all together to create something beautiful and meaningful. We are excited and we hope you are as well. With 28 days left on the campaign we are at 70% funding. We really need your help to get us over the hump to 100%. Please consider sharing in your social media networks and your friends. A pre-order pledge of $10 goes along way and we still have a ton of other bigger priced rewards out there for folks. We are inrcredibly thankful for everyone who has pitched in this far. Big shout out to:

The Brink
Tony Wood
Alan Maher
Gary Sims
Mike West
Michael Schmidt
Esther Begle
Matt Guzy
Mark Knopf
Brent Berqual
Stephen Wood
James Wetenkamp
Ann Sunderman
Brian Smith
Corey Gugisberg
Ross Tichy
Jesse Hauf
Aaron Woodburn
Ian Hannah
Rachel Robinson
Gary & Melanie Bodner
Bob Knight
Jimmy Haugen
Kristi & Bill Anderson
Tyler Richton
Asle Boyum
Cassie Becker
Amy Japp
Colin Emery
Barb Leatherman
Lisa & Scott Clausen
Alysha Schroer
Tara Prendergast
Tim Hughes
Doug Labs
Erik Lindberg
Phil Hayden
Hailie Holm
Michael Atwater
Channing Krentz
Brian Rivard
Matt Guarino
Michele Canilla
Joni Hogie
Mark THompson
Shannon Carr
Tina Fuerstenberg
Jacob Olsen
Jeff Chimera
Jamey Worley
Brandon Upton

In the upcoming days we will start to release some early rough mixes for you folks to get a little taste of what we have been cooking. We also hope to have our music video for one of the songs done before the end of December. Thank you all so much for your support and believing in us and our music.

Much love! – The Hounds
Catfish lookin all catfishy… ;)

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