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Speeding up time...

While we may seem little quiet I can assure you we are working day and night and around the clock to make one grand chapter to follow us into the future. This month has been all about setting up music videos and finding the right talents with the right values to work with. We have been all over the globe past months AU, NZ, US and UK building a new TRP story. Of late been in Oz working closely with Sean Gilligan a well known music video director whom I’ve been trying to track down for quite sometime as his previous work with bands I personally love has to me been their greatest visual content. AU fans you may know some of the videos he created for Silverchair (Diorama album), Missy Higgins, The Living End and more. We are now heavily involved in production side and gearing up some epic shoot days. If this works you won’t have felt this TRP colouring before. Still the same grit but from another part of the universe. Check out our directors videos here -

As always thanks for your patience – This music industry is so backwards even in the last month it is clear it is much worse then i had even thought possible but we are some how JUST surviving this and with incredible and true content to use as weapon the future for TRP at least could be very promising, let keep the faith. we are not dead yet!

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