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We have gone DIY and announced a new Pre Order page...

It has been a week since we announced the news that PledgeMusic had informed us they had spent all open campaign funds and they were gone for good. That’s right a massive chunk of funds you pledged for to complete this album were stolen from pledge and have “vanished”.

For those who might be tuning in for first time we held a LIVE FB chat on Sunday which you can still view form Answering any and all fan Qs and launching an entire new pre order page and website.

We have seen a lot of support which helps make what seems like a dire situation, one we can focus on overcoming. We are still in awe that this is happening and hard not too feel frustrated for us all but it is completely out of our control and we will always feel very sorry for that.

To keep NEW store momentum (as it is hard to keep sales flowing) we have added new items from T-shirts, New TRP logo earrings and a day adventure walking inside crop circles with the band across the UK. We are currently finalising our new music video and with the current fundraising hoping to drop some of this new material very very soon!

New store is located at and is run by us and no 3rd party!

Here is a snap shot of our new music video ‘They don’t care about us!"

Tks for your patience while we try re boot the system.

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