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Hello TRP pledgers,

This is Trash Mc here. It has been made very clear to us that we will not be receiving any funds from pledge and will be loosing majority of capital we raised from you. The CEO of pledge has informed me that the site will also be going down and for us to collect all details we can before that happens. I am so sorry to have to bare such awful news and trust me when i say it has been a dreadful realization for us to work through but life and TRP goes on….

If you like more detailed info regarding this please google Pledge Music as there are countless music journalist covering the daily happenings and updates or head to our FB page as we have pinned a post to the top page with all current info.

Here are some updates with how things are moving fwd from ourside

NEW to the TRP store: 7” fire colored Vinyl for our Michael Jackson Cover “They Don’t Care About Us” with a special B side of our David Bowie cover “5 years”. You can get your copy at

SIDE A – Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us
SIDE B: David Bowie – 5 Years

The final master sounds sublime. I’d go as far as to say the best Red Paintings cover song yet! It sounds massive!!

SIDE A – Michael Jackson – They don’t care about us

What a controversial track this has become for us. 6 months dealing with the Estate to get approval. Having to revise lyrics over and over again. Then ‘Leaving Neverland" doco become the biggest controversial conversation of the year with stations dropping MJ songs and lawyers telling us we can’t release the song now due to backlash. Have to wonder if this track was ever really meant to see the light of day?

Why MJ? The lyrics, the intent speaks for itself from back when MJ released it to today’s current times. Our mission was to create a hard hitting ‘Rage against the machine’ modern spin on it. Mixed by Alan Moulder (NIN, Smashing Pumpkins, Killers) this track has been through hell and back to finally make it on vinyl is truly a hell of an accomplishment.

Featuring an Orchestra we tracked in LA to adding details from studios all over the world. The production on this song is as defined as they come. There were so many musicians involved in playing on this song it would be a long list to mention but Kudos to Alix Kol once again for her stella playing, Chase Bryant on Bass and locking down System of a Downs drum tech Jules Pampema on drums.

SIDE B: David Bowie – 5 Years

Behind the scenes I’ve been working on a David Bowie cover that would really do the man justice, no easy task. Recorded at an old skool analogue studio in a small county town called Yamba with some musical best friends Beck Flatt, Mitch Mitchell and Alix Kol on strings I was confident we captured some real magic!
Unhappy with the mix I ended up in Beverly Hills, LA taking the song to the drummer of Guns and Roses studio ‘Matt Sorum’ and we mixed and Balanced until it was (for me anyway) raw perfection.

This week the song was sent to mastering and I have received the final master. It sounds sublime. I’d go as far as to say the best Red Paintings cover song yet! It sounds massive!!


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