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Steve Goodman

Steve Goodman commented


Wilbur S Mardis.

Wilbur S Mardis. commented

Any update on when the Campfire version will be sent?

Artist response
Erin Anderson

Erin Anderson commented

Hey Wilbur, it was sent a few months back via the Pledge system! If you can't find it in your updates in Pledge, send me an email and I'll send you a separate link to download:

Jason Brown

Jason Brown commented

Just picked my stuff up from the post office, as I got a custom charge on the parcel, which contains the t shirt, signed CD and a tube containing TWO copies of the poster.

I now have THREE copies of the poster (when I should only have one), one of which I received by surprised months ago by itself, which came with a customs charge for that alone.

Guess the extra posters sort of makes up for the customs charges!

Tim Griffith

Tim Griffith commented

Has anybody heard anything about the release of the campfire version?
A date, anything? I assumed this would of been available the day the album was released. Anyone get a download of this yet?

sandy nelson

sandy nelson commented

Hello! Just saw you at the Old Church in Portland and absolutely loved the concert; y'all are amazing! We chatted for a few minutes - I'm the lady in the blue shirt who smells "delicious". I bought a c/d of the new album intending to have you sign it but in the hubbub and commotion of the crowd and talking together, I completely forgot to get your signature. THEN, when I checked my pledge order I remembered I ordered a signed c/d/access package....SO I get a signed c/d after all. Your music brings the frisson. I love your bring it on sister back story and the fact that Brandi Carlisle and the Twins play and produce the new album. You completely rock :) Hope to see you on Cayamo?

Marsha D Carey

Marsha D Carey commented

Hi, I have an iPad and iPhone but no computer. Is there a way to download the file onto one of my devices ? I pledged but can't seem to find a way to grow load the files. I have the Pledge Music app on my devices. Is there a way to hear the album through the app? Thanks! Can't wait to hear their beautiful voices!

Ashley Riley

Ashley Riley commented

Is the campfire version up for download yet? I'm not seeing it...

Tim Griffith

Tim Griffith commented

Have you recieved your link yet? Getting frustrated

Artist response
Erin Anderson

Erin Anderson commented

They finished recording it today! Will have it shortly! Sorry for the delay, a couple times we set up to record it got canceled due to travel and weather!

Tim Griffith

Tim Griffith commented

6 days later, nothing? I noticed the description in the purchase says WAS RECORDED

Charlie Amiot

Charlie Amiot commented

Are they trying to charge anyone else for shipping on the vinyl? I had to change my shipping address from TX to WA because I'm moving and the vinyl hadn't released yet, and now they're telling me I have to pay extra shipping charges or else I won't receive my vinyl. Dishonest!

Ivan Youd

Ivan Youd commented

Brilliant - cannot wait for you to come to the UK


Ivan commented

OMG - what an album! Chapeau sisters, chapeau Brandi, chapeau Hanseroth Twins!