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New Album

Pre-order my new album & get access to behind-the-scenes updates and exclusive updates as the new music comes together.



Hey Friends!

I’m so excited about working on this new album. This is my first time co-producing my own record & I’m thrilled to have been able to work with some incredible co-writers making these songs the best they can be. NOW, it’s time for you to join me!

By pre-ordering the new album on PledgeMusic, you get access to all kinds of behind-the-scenes content from the making of the album and everything leading up to release! Hear the stories behind songs, snapshots of my travels, a look into the creative process and more. You’ll be a part of this album.

I’m also thrilled to offer limited edition merch and experiences that are only available here! From signed CDs to handwritten lyric sheets to house concerts…it’s all on the table!

Thank you so much for being a part of this new musical journey and these new adventures.



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AccessPass: Digital Download of the New Album

Digital Download of the New Album

Digital download of the new album PLUS access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content and an instant download of “Autumn Leaves”.

New Album on CD

New Album on CD

The new album available on CD.

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