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Be part of The Men They Couldn't Hang's 30th anniversary album campaign.


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Hello and welcome to The Men They Couldn’t Hang 30th anniversary album campaign.

What better way to celebrate our 30th anniversary than to make an album through PledgeMusic – allowing you, the fans, the people who have made the last 30 years possible, to get involved.

With your help, we can bypass the music business, allowing us to deliver to you, directly, a studio album worthy of your loyal support. No middle people to interfere with the creative process, or to claim half the budget for the honour of their logo on the cover.

All funds raised from you will go directly to the album’s recording, manufacture and subsequent distribution back to the people. The way this works is that you “pledge" what you can afford, from the list of exclusives to the right here. As soon as we hit 100% (our target) the project’s a goer. We get to work. You get your album before its release on May 1st next year, along with the exclusive of your choice.

Some exclusives do get expensive. They’re based on advice from PledgeMusic themselves but also from looking at what other bands have offered (successfully) through this site. And, from talking to you. But in keeping with the bands ethos, and to ensure that you know all Pledges are equally welcome and important we have come up with… The Bundle!

Every Pledger will be entered into a raffle for The Bundle. This will be created during the recording session by the band and musical guests. It will include the original studio track notes, lyric sheets, rough mix discs, CDs that we’ve been listening to, half finished bottles of Oban whiskey, a mandolin signed by the band and any other studio detritus we decide to throw in during the session. You can collect this from the studio towards the end of the session or we can post it if necessary.

One more thing…

We are very aware that our online following is a drop in the ocean of those that have supported the band over 30 years, coming to shows and buying our previous albums. We don’t want to spend half of the budget raised on press agents, pluggers and advertising – the money is to make music and then to get it to you.

We do need to spread the word though, beyond cyberspace. Through good old fashion gossip, in pubs, at gigs or down the supermarket. With this we need your help.

Of course these ‘others’ will get a chance to buy the album, at gigs next year and beyond, but unlike you, they won’t have a chance to get involved from the beginning and to be a part of it. It would be great if over the next couple of months they knew what was happening, Pledgers will receive exclusive updates throughout the making of the album (videos and demos etc). So even if it’s their kids or friends who do the clever typing online stuff, it would be great if they got the opportunity to join us all! We should all celebrate 30 years in it together, with a worthy album and a year of celebratory gigs.

We’re hoping this all re-boots the band, back to a level it deserves…that you deserve. Then, who knows how we’ll go about making the 40th anniversary album?

Keep The Faith,

Cush, Swill, Paul, Ricky, Tom, Nik
The Men They Couldn’t Hang

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to CISWO.

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AccessPass: Download + updates

Download + updates

Digital download of the 12 track original album. More stories of the people for the people.

Everyone who pledges is entered into a raffle for “The Bundle”

Exclusive TMTCH artwork screen print (signed)

7 left

This limited edition screen print will be a specially commissioned TMTCH photo artwork (featuring the bands portraits) by Russell Marshall, an award winning newspaper designer and journalist living and working in London. The image will be 560mmx760mm screen printed on Somerset Satin 410 gsm paper. Each one will be signed, numbered and stamped by the artist. Also signed by the members of the band.

'Smugglers and Bounty Hunters' Tea Towel/Wall Hanging

All gone!

This highbrow Tea Towel is guaranteed to dry your dishes to the highest standard. Alternatively it looks great framed and hung on the wall.

Beanie Hat - black with white embroidered TMTCH Logo

All gone!

This stylish headgear is guaranteed to keep your bonce warm while making you look cool.

New Album on CD


The new album on CD, delivered straight to your door.

Pledger's T Shirt

All gone!

A T shirt exclusive to our PledgeMusic campaign

New Album on CD (Signed)

All gone!

A copy of the new album on CD, signed by the members of the band.

Bonus CD (Pledge Only)


Bonus CD of covers, as suggested by you the fans! Only available through our PledgeMusic campaign. (Does not include the New Album on CD)

New Album on CD (Signed) + Pledger's T-Shirt

All gone!

Grab a signed CD of the new album, along with an exclusive t-shirt only available through our PledgeMusic campaign.

Bonus CD & T Shirt

All gone!

Bonus CD of covers, as suggested by you the fans! Plus Pledger’s T Shirt. Only available through our PledgeMusic campaign.

New Album on Vinyl (Signed/White Label)

All gone!

Get the new album on good ol’ vinyl, signed by the members of the band.

Bonus CD + Your photo in the Bonus CD booklet

All gone!

Get your mugshot in the booklet for our bonus covers album.

Comes with a copy of the Bonus CD for your listening and viewing pleasure.

We’ll contact you at the end of the campaign to obtain your photo.

New Album on Vinyl (Signed/White Label) + Pledger's T-Shirt

All gone!

Exactly what it says on the tin: The New Album on vinyl, along with our pledger’s only t-shirt.

VIP Passes for Glasgow Show

All gone!

TMTCH Christmas Concert at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, 272a St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5R. Fri 13th Dec 2013.

Waiting on the door for you and a friend will be two VIP meet-n-greet passes which give you access to TMTCH’s soundcheck, a meet and greet, entry to the gig. Plus access to aftershow drink up. You will have the opportunity to take photo’s during the soundcheck too.

Transportation to and from the concert as well as accommodation are your responsibility and not part of this package.

Handwritten Dream Setlist (Signed & Framed)

All gone!

Let us know your dream TMTCH setlist and not only will we write it out and sign it, we’ll also frame it for you.

Handwritten Framed Lyrics

All gone!

Choose any of the classic TMTCH tracks and we will send you a personalized version of the lyrics to that song hand written by the songwriter (no covers) autographed and made out to you or dedicated to whoever you nominate.

Video Birthday Greeting

All gone!

A special gift that will make a special occasion a night to remember! Have the guys record a birthday wish on video for you to own forever. You can have the message recorded for you or someone special – your choice. At least two member of TMTCH will appear in the video.

Signed Drum Head

All gone!

A drum head signed by the band

VIP Passes for 30th Anniversary Show

All gone!

30th Anniversary Concert at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Sat 19 Apr 2014

You and a friend will get access to soundcheck, a meet and greet, and the chance to watch our performance from the side of the stage.
Plus access to aftershow drink up.

VIP Passes Shepherds Bush Empire 4th April 2015

All gone!

VIP Passes to our concert to end our 30th Anniversary year at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Sat 4 Apr 2015

You and a friend will get access to the soundcheck, meet and greet the band and the chance to watch our performance from the side of the stage.
Plus access to the after show drinks in the bar.

Curry with The Men They Couldn't Hang after Manchester Show

All gone!

After Manchester gig on Thursday 12th Dec 2013

A post gig curry for two with the band on the legendary Curry mile, Manchester. Spices, banter and a drink or two. Exact time TBC but most likely after 11PM …maybe a good idea to book next day off work…

Curry with The Men They Couldn't Hang after Newcastle Show

All gone!

After Newcastle gig on Saturday 14th December 2013.

A post gig curry for two with the band in Newcastle. Spices, banter and a drink or two. Exact time TBC but most likely after 11PM …better plan to have a good lie in on Sunday!

Your Name in the Artwork + Signed CD + Pledger's T-Shirt

All gone!

A thank you from the band in the artwork of the new album, together with a signed CD of the new album and an exclusive t-shirt.

Backing vocals on the album (then down the pub)

All gone!

A day in the studio adding your beautiful voices to our tracks, before we head out for a session at the local.

Recording will take place at London Recording Studios.

Perform with TMTCH!

All gone!

Here is the big chance for all you drummers, guitarists, bassists and vocalists out there. First, you will get two tickets to the TMTCH headline show of your choice. You get to attend the soundcheck and perform your choice of either “Iron Masters” or “Walkin Talkin” with the band during the show LIVE ON STAGE! Here is your opportunity to perform with TMTCH! We will also throw in a copy of the album for you and even a can of beer or two!

We'll Record a Cover of Someone Else's Song for You

All gone!

A couple (or more) of the guys will sing and play acoustic guitars, mandolins etc and make a good basic recording of a song of your choice and send it to you on CD and MP3. It can be a song that’s one of your favourites, or even something you wrote!

Signed Banjo

All gone!

This will be a banjo as played on the new album and signed by the band. It may not be state of the art …may not even be in tune …but it would look darn good on your wall.

Comes with a letter of authenticity.

We'll Write and Record an Original Song for You

All gone!

You name it, Paul, Cush or Swill will write it and record it on Garageband for you.

Signed Acoustic Guitar

All gone!

This lovely acoustic guitar will be played on the album and signed by the band. It’s from a brand new range about to be launched and comes from our good friends at Ozark. The guitar is an OM cutaway with solid spruce front, solid mahogany back n sides, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. The discrete pick-up is a Fishman under saddle transducer with eq and endpin jack, It also has one of the finest built in tuners we’ve seen.

It’s lovely to play or it would look great on your wall.

We can sign it front or back and we’ll include a letter of authenticity to prove it was used on the album as well as posting video clips of it in use. Swill will probably be using it on some of the Christmas gigs too!!

Paul Simmonds' Guitar

Paul Simmonds' Guitar
All gone!

This is Paul’s classic Epiphone / Gibson guitar. The one he has played on stage since about 1990 and used to write just about every song since then on. This is a very personal pledge and unique pledge item. To get a closer look at it, check out the video in the Updates section. Comes with a letter of authenticity and signed back or front as required. Delivered by courrier or come and collect from the studio from Paul in person – he could even out down one final guitar track with it while you’re there!

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