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7" Vinyl pre-order

Pre order a 7" Vinyl featuring the singles 'High Hopes' and 'Hurricane Head'.


of goal

What’s the aim? – To make a batch of 200 7" Vinyl records featuring the songs ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Hurricane Head’. I have been writing songs for many years and performing them all over the world, but documenting them into recordings has been limited. This has changed recently and I want my first two available recordings to be on a beautiful Vinyl 7" as well as online.

Why 7"? – While other recordings are being finished and more releases are in creation, these songs can whet the appetite and get us looking forward to what’s to come. Physical product is important and songs need to be held in our hands. I believe a 7" vinyl record is the perfect format for my music at the moment. On a personal note I have a Rockola Empress Jukebox in my flat from 1962 (featured in the video). My Dad bought this from a pub in the 80s where I would play with a newly purchased toy in the beer garden on market day. The Jukebox (aka The Duke) has been out of action for over 25 years until a recent very detailed clean and service. I am looking forward to playing lots of new music on this incredible machine and to include my own songs in the process.

What next? – I am asking for your help to fund the production of 200 records. Alongside copies of the record on pre-order I will be offering multiple exclusive items and experiences via Pledge in return. I adore writing music and will continue to always. It’s an even better experience when more people are involved.

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7" Vinyl (signed copy) - High Hopes and Hurricane Head


The main deal – A beautifully packaged signed copy of the 7" Vinyl record that this campaign is all about.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

All gone!

A hand written lyric of one of the songs, or alternatively a track from Tom Copson’s back catalogue. Written on hand made Indian khadi paper, each lyric sheet is the ultimate keepsake so that you can hang it up and begin cherishing it just as soon as you memorize the lyrics.

Song on the Duke

7 left

Send in a 7" vinyl and I will make you a personalised video of it being played on a 1962 Jukebox. It will have be featured on future spotify playlists documenting what is on the Jukebox (aka The Duke)

Poem written for you

3 left

I’ve always written words for people. Give me some info on yourself and I’ll happily write some for you.

Cover Song of your choice

3 left

You choose the song (within reason) and it’ll be covered, recorded and sent directly to you!

Song written for you

All gone!

A song written for you and presented to you in the form of a video and demo. I’m looking forward to this process.

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