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Town of Cats and the Sanguine Sunset

New E.P, Merch and other goodies!

With the upcoming release of the 3-Track ‘Sanguine Sunset’ in 2019, Town of Cats are in need of new media, merch and equipment to see us into a new year, and hopefully the most successful one yet!

At the beginning of 2018, we began to pay money from gigs to the band members that played each show (prior to this all money went towards rehearsing, music videos and recording). This fee from each gig is split amongst 8-10 players, averaging out between £20-40 a head. With a band full of bar-supervisors, carers, students,music teachers and more, the money is a little compensation for the time that they are unable to fulfil these other roles in life due to being sweaty on a stage somewhere. We pay for our own rehearsals, in many cases our own travel and have still managed to save enough money for the bulk of our recording time.
We all absolutely love this band, we love our audiences and we love the venues we play and the things we get to see and do. However, it’s gotten to the point now where it’s so difficult for a ten piece band to earn enough money to eat whilst on tour (and at home when we’ve been touring a while) and also create promotional tools, recordings and merchandise to help support us along the way.

We are now asking for your help with this. We would like to make the following:

-Printed copies of the upcoming E.P ‘Sanguine Sunset’ along with more copies of our original album for hard copy sale.

-Merchandise to support the band on tour (T-Shirts, Tote Bags and Stickers).

-A concept Music Video for the E.P single release ‘Walls’.

-A professional live video recording of new material.

With all this produced, we believe we will be able to a) sufficiently support ourselves over the coming year, giving us the money we need to be able to rehearse and record new material, and b) use the promotional tools at hand to help us continue to expand our musical map and play to more people on both a national and international level.

So we’ve made this store, so you can help us without being empty handed!

Have a look at some of the goodies we have on offer and help make 2019 the YEAR OF THE CAT!

E.P – decide price for physical and digital
Performance Hire – Full Band/Acoustic/Venue/Home
Hand written lyrics
Write a personal song
Instrument Lessons with band members
Signed posters and E.Ps
Barney sing a song in fancy dress

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The new E.P on CD

The new E.P on CD
91 left

Three new songs we’ve been working on all bundled up and ready for your ears:

The Owl’s Song
Carnival Kings/Sequinned Queens

Signed CD

Signed CD
20 left

It’s the new EP, signed by the lot of us because one day one of us might have a level of fame by which you can ebay the shit out of your purchase. Jus sayin…

Signed Handwritten Lyric Sheet with Sketches

Signed Handwritten Lyric Sheet with Sketches
16 left

Pick a song, any song. Joe will write it out the lyrics for you with some added drawings, bit and bobs!

Full Band Private Show (With PA)

Full Band Private Show (With PA)
1 left

We’ll bring our PA, our Sassy Dance Moves, our Energy and Bangers to your House/ Garden/ Fave Pub and play you a full set!!!
Optional free bolt-on, we’ll party with you!
(This price includes our travel expenses and sound-man within 100 miles of Brighton, after that we can work it out)

Digital Download of the new E.P

Digital Download of the new E.P
82 left

Do people still download music? Are we not all now part of the big mean streaming machine?
Well if not then here ya go! Download us!


237 left

Look at this sick t-shirt. You want it. You want 8. Buy 8.

ToC tote bags

ToC tote bags
82 left

Save the world one shop at a time with this SICK tote bag. It’s so sick. Sick.

Acoustic House Concert

Acoustic House Concert
4 left

Town of Cats unplugged! An intimate evening round your gaff with some lovely songs and variants of our usual set (some you’ve never heard before, and added shenanigans optional!)

Season Pass Gigs in 2019

Season Pass Gigs in 2019
5 left

A full pass to all gigs of 2019 (exluding festivals), wherever, whenever!

Personalised Song


We will wright a song all about you or a subject of your choice and perform it for you at a gig you attend!

Cover song performed by Barney

Cover song performed by Barney
8 left

That’s right! You pick the song, we’ll record and film Barney performing it in fancy dress!

Instrument Lessons

Instrument Lessons
18 left

Fancy learning one of the instruments we play in the Cats? You think you might be a ‘sax’ guy? A bass lady? a trumpet lass? Little drummer boy? a Keys geez?

We’ll come give you an hour of our help with an instrument of your choice (providing one of us knows how to play it!).

Just get in touch and ask, we’ll get you sorted!

Joe and Toby Vegan/Vegetarian Dinner

Joe and Toby Vegan/Vegetarian Dinner
10 left

We will come to your house and cook you a delicious meal for up to four people! There may be a cheeky song in it as well, if ya lucky. Oh and some wine.

A lovely bundle of goodies

A lovely bundle of goodies
26 left

The new E.P singed on CD, a digital download of the E.P, a T-shirt and stickers all wrapped up all in one fantastic Tote Bag!

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