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Luke commented

Hi everyone,

If you have a question about your order please use the ‘Contact Us’ option on your pledge -

Thanks for your support!



Anonymous commented

I just received my Signed CD and the disc is damaged. There is a piece of the CD that is missing and the rest of the disc is cracked. What do I need to do to receive a new copy of the CD and send the broken disc back?


Luke commented

Pleased to see this was sorted for you!


Ricardo Orozco Jr

Ricardo Orozco Jr commented

got the email that it shipped, going to be amazing christmas

Ricardo Orozco Jr

Ricardo Orozco Jr commented

when will the CDs and Vinyl ship?

Mathew Cho

Mathew Cho commented

I downloaded Tyler's new album "Indian Summer" and the album artwork and the artist information does not show up on my media player. Does the mp3 zip file come with the album cover artwork? Just wondering. Thanks!

Jan-Philipp Exner

Jan-Philipp Exner commented

Tyler, it's become an AWESOME album! Thanks for that great job!
Seems that your Pledge Project worked out pretty well! Maybe you should repeat a Pledge project sooner or later for a live version of your songs :)

All the best from Germany,

Jessica Bianchi

Jessica Bianchi commented

Any idea how and when we will be able to access the digital download of the new album?? This is the first time I've ever used the site before so I'm not sure how it works.

Kübra Incirkus

Kübra Incirkus commented

Me too! But it says that there are 7 days left to the release. So let's wait until then and maybe it'll work after?

Jessica Bianchi

Jessica Bianchi commented

I was confused because last week it was like 2 hours until release and then nothing happened so I guess we'll see in 7 days


Alyssa commented

When I pledged for Wakey!Wakey! I received an email saying that the digital download was available.
I think the release has been moved a week. I just received an email saying that this Sunday (a few days before the official release) Tyler is organising a google hangout with the people who bought the "Pledgers-only Online album preview concert" Pledge.
So I guess after he's done the preview, then it will be made available for everyone else?

Ryann M.

Ryann M. commented

Hi All,

The digital download should be available shortly!

You should receive an email with the link, but there will also be a link to download here as well.

Thank You!


Sophia S.

Sophia S. commented

Love your music with a passion! Come to San Fran!

Sarah Lesondak

Sarah Lesondak commented

He is coming to Oakland on December 2 :)

Taylor Watkins

Taylor Watkins commented

we need a recorded version of It Aint Me Babe! Saw you sing it in Dallas 2 weeks ago and cant stop thinking about how perfect it was...