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"Indian Summer" Update on Shipping and Vinyls

Hi guys! Just a quick note to let you know that Hard copy CD’s have begun shipping, along with Posters, T-shirts, and most of the other items. We released the Indian Summer MP3’s to you guys befo...
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AccessPass Update

Now that you've spent some time with "Indian Summer"

Hey!! I’ve been loving hearing your guys’ thoughts on “Indian Summer”! It’s cool hearing what your first favs are and what other ones are starting to grow on ya. Super cool. And now everyone el...

Digital Release Date for Pledgers! Track Listing!

Hi Guys, we’ve JUST got the master in our hands, and we will have the Digital version of Indian Summer ready for you in 1 week! Thursday November 13th. Remember Pledgers get this record before it even hits iTunes! Hot Dog!

Here’s the track listing! Get Excited.


1. One More Song
2. That Kind of Night
3. Indian Summer
4. This Is Where My Heart Breaks
5. I Want To Be In Love So Bad
6. Studio Chatter 1
7. Give Me That Summer
8. California
9. Time’s a Wastin’
10. Just Might Be Tonight
11. Only Ones Left In The World
12. Studio Chatter 2
13. I See Home (Live)

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