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New Album

We are releasing our 16th studio LP. Help us get to the next level. Pledge and receive exclusive merchandise.


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We are working on our 16th studio album called “Subconscious Landscapes” which features the 3-D fractal art of Hal Tenny. With tracks reminiscent of “Massive Attack and Delerium”. Think of tracks like “Dilaudid”, “Slut”, and “Ghost in the Circuit”. We make VAC to continue the legacy of the underground.

We will offer exclusive video gear tutorials and reviews, back stage concert footage + video interviews, and for the first time we will be offering exclusive VAC merchandise to fans worldwide but only if you pledge. The minimum pledge is $10, and all pledges at any level will include a download of the new LP in Digital Format.

With your help we will be able to fund the release of this Album in 3 formats: Digital Download, Vinyl, and CD. Plus the exclusive merchandise that you will get by pledging.

Why Pledgemusic? Because it is the innovative platform for fan interaction and music promotion which will allow us to reach our fans, offering them exclusive content. Their marketing network, social media integration, is the best.

Please Share this page, and allow for the integration into your social media account. This helps us so much. Your support makes this all happen.

Release date is October 28, 2014.


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AccessPass: Subconscious Landscapes

Subconscious Landscapes

Velvet Acid Christ Taps into its slower hypnotic groove that you may of heard in past tracks like Slut, Dilaudid, Ghost In the Circuit. Guest Vocals by Sabine of Psykkle. Sounds like a darker and more melodic Massive Attack.

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