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New album!

We're making a new album & are inviting you, the true fans, to be a part of it!

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(Or just maybe give us a couple bucks to help us make our new record… your choice.)

Hello friends and lovers!

YOU are important to us.

YOU enable us to live our life’s dream and make music for a living.

YOU have supported us for many, many years, and we are extremely grateful to each and every one of you for that.

Because you still come see us play and ask us to make new music, we are making a new record for YOU (and us, actually, ‘cause we like our music too). Clearly, the right thing to do is to get YOU involved in this process, so you can enjoy the creation of this music and feel a part of it from the beginning.

The kind and delightfully aromatic people at PledgeMusic are going to help us do just that.

Through this campaign we’ll let you in on what happens during the creation of a Vertical Horizon record. You’ll go behind the scenes with us as we toil away (it’s actually a happy toil, but it’s still a toil). You’ll also have the chance to purchase one-of-a-kind stuff like limited edition VH posters, t-shirts, handwritten lyrics jotted down by Matt personally, a VH concert in the middle of your own living room, a limited edition vinyl of the new album, and all sorts of other fun things. All of your pledges will go towards the recording, production and distribution of our upcoming album that we plan on releasing in early 2012.

Once you pledge, you’ll instantly have access to the Private Update Section of the PledgeMusic website, which will include pledger-only content with all the behind-the-scenes special features we can offer. These updates will range from photos and video footage of us on the road and in the studio, never-before-heard demos of old and new songs, and lots more. You will also receive a digital download of the new album before its official release, just by making a pledge.

When our target goal has been reached, and to make an amazing cause even amazinger (new word, it’ll catch on), we will donate a portion of what YOU pledge to the American Red Cross. Not only will you be part of our world during this exciting process, but YOU will be helping the American Red Cross to help people in need around the world!

Basically, we have YOU to thank for our career and the music we’ve made, and we want to make more, if that’s okay with YOU.

Thanks for supporting our band. YOU ALL rock!


Vertical Horizon

5% post goal
5% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to American Red Cross.


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: New Album Digital Download

New Album Digital Download

Our brand spankin’ new album, delivered to you before it’s officially released + access to all of the updates by pledging on any one of these items.

New album on CD


The new album on CD delivered straight to your door.

*Signed* CD


I will personally sign a CD as soon as they are printed and drop it in the mail just for you.

Limited Edition VH T-shirt + *Signed* CD

152 left

We’re making up new T-shirts special for this campaign that will only be available here. You also get a signed CD with it!

Limited Edition Vinyl + *Signed* CD

217 left

We are printing up a short-run, limited edition, 180 grain vinyl for this new album. With this exclusive, get your hands on one of the few copies + a signed CD.

*Signed* Vinyl + *Signed* CD

187 left

One of the limited edition, short-run, 180 grain vinyl records signed…. Plus a signed CD!

Signed Set List (from an actual show!)

35 left

Every show night we have set list on stage…. I will collect one, sign it and send it your way!

Limited Edition Poster + *Signed* CD

94 left

Limited Edition, hand printed VH poster + signed CD.

20 question via Skype

12 left

We’ll have a one-on-one Skype session where you can ask me 20 questions (30 min time limit).

Vertical Horizon/Matt Scannell Box Set

84 left

Box will include every album ever released by VH and Matt Scannell!

2 VIP Passes to any VH Show

All gone!

You + one other can come hang with us backstage at one of the shows on our next tour. If you can get to the venue, you’re in. *Note: Keep an eye on our touring calendar. Once you see a show come up that you would like to attend, just let us know & we’ll gladly fulfill this exclusive for you.

Handwritten Lyrics *Framed* + *Signed* CD

14 left

Tell me the song of your choice and I will hand write lyrics for you and frame them!

Signed VH guitar

1 left

I’ll sign (personalized) a guitar and drop it in the mail just for you.

2 VIP Passes to ALL SHOWS in 2012

4 left

You will have 2 backstage VIP passes to EVERY SHOW we play in the US in 2012. Whatever show(s) you can make it to, there will be a special place backstage waiting for you.

Let's have dinner

All gone!

Let’s have dinner together! I’ll take you out to my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles for a night of good food & drinks. If you can get here, then consider it done.

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