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Sarah Brewer

Sarah Brewer commented

I finally received my order.... A year later.

Stephanie Ferante

Stephanie Ferante commented

It’s NOVEMBER! No update on when the album will be shipped or anything. What kind of preorder is this!? People went to warped tour and got their CDs and shirt before I did and I “pre-ordered” you wasted MY time and MY money. Last time I support my favorite band.

Kali Prokosch

Kali Prokosch commented

SERIOUSLY!! We need an update. Hoping this wasn't just a scam, to be honest..

Elizabeth Deasy

Elizabeth Deasy commented

I've messaged them about it and they said we are sorry and will look into it then closed the question without resolution.

Katie Jarvis

Katie Jarvis commented

They’ve been telling me they r working on a update but tbh I’m now going to ask for my money back I’ve had enough now

Kali Prokosch

Kali Prokosch commented

Right? This was supposed to be a preorder and people who ordered their CDs when the album came out already have theirs. This is a load of bs.

Katie Jarvis

Katie Jarvis commented

I’ve cancelled my order now I’ve had enough of waiting for it

Kali Prokosch

Kali Prokosch commented

I was able to get mine canceled because waiting for so long and to not get a single update is ridiculous. I'll still listen to them but I'm never doing this again. In the future, I'll just wait for the album to come out in stores.

Caitlin Rebechi

Caitlin Rebechi commented

Can we have a status update on our orders?
It is October and the album has been out already for a couple months.


Kali Prokosch

Kali Prokosch commented

Since it's almost December, I'd advise you to probably cancel your order and get a refund...I did that with mine since I pre-ordered this back in January and people who bought the CD when it came out have theirs and we don't get ours? Seems pretty bogus to me. Just a thought though.

Gabe Rodriguez

Gabe Rodriguez commented

Hey! Is it possible to buy the vinyl on its own once the album comes out?
Thanks guys, can't wait!!!

Justin Hallberg

Justin Hallberg commented

Can't wait for you guys to take over my Instagram!!!

David Stone

David Stone commented

Is there not a package that includes a signed vinyl? Also I will pay infinity dollars to join wtk at the bar.