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Help us create our FIRST full length studio album which will be released in 2019.

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The last 4 years have been an amazing journey for Whiskey Treaty. We’ve played some amazing shows and created videos that have meant a lot to us while also garnering us national attention. We’ve also released a self titled EP, but the one project that has eluded us is a full length studio album.

We’ve got the demos ready, we think we found our dream studio, dream producer, and the time to make this a reality. But as an independent band with no financial backing, we need your help. So that is why we’re here. To work with you to help raise the money we need to make this dream of ours come to fruition.

It will be a lot of fun, so let’s make it happen!


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AccessPass: 'New Album' Download

'New Album' Download

Receive a digital download of the new album.

'New Album' Signed CD


The new album on a CD, with the cover, back, or inside signed by all members of the Treaty!

Acoustic House Concert

4 left

Have the band play an intimate personal performance in your home or in a designated location. This will be limited to the northeast, however outside the northeast can be negotiated. Become one of the Treaty’s biggest supporters!

The Whiskey Treaty Bundle

All gone!

Along with a signed CD, here’s your opportunity to own a true one-of-a-kind piece of art: a handwritten lyric sheet of any song in The Whiskey Treaty catalogue. Each lyric sheet is the ultimate keepsake and one of a kind!

Signed Vinyl

Signed Vinyl
56 left

Own a signed vinyl copy of Whiskey Treaty’s new record. The band has never put their music on vinyl before, so here’s your chance to own a piece of history.

New Whiskey Treaty Roadshow T-shirt

New Whiskey Treaty Roadshow T-shirt
58 left

The dopest merch around!

Handwritten Lyric Sheet - Signed Copy

Handwritten Lyric Sheet - Signed Copy
All gone!

Here’s your opportunity to own a true one-of-a-kind piece of art: a handwritten lyric sheet from [one of the many new songs contained on ‘New Album’ or any song from our entire catalog]. Written by the band member of your choosing, each lyric sheet is the ultimate keepsake so that you can hang it up and begin cherishing it just as soon as you memorize the lyrics.

Signed Set List

7 left

A signed set list from a Whiskey Treaty show. Whiskey stains included.


91 left

Get your Whiskey Treaty accoutrement right here! Look cool, act cool, this is very cool!

Signed Whiskey Treaty Roadshow bass drum head

5 left

Own the drum head from our very own drummer’s drum kit. These are unique made to order drum heads will have the Whiskey Treaty Roadshow’s logo and signatures from every member of the band.

Dinner/Drinks with the Roadshow + Backstage Hang

1 left

Here is a special chance to get to know members of The Whiskey Treaty like you never would have before. Enjoy a lovely meal and drinks. Ask the guys anything. We mean anything.

Solo performance with a member of your choice

2 left

A special opportunity to have a band member of your choosing play an intimate performance in your home.

An evening with The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow

3 left

Did you know that Whiskey Treaty has some culinary experts in the band? We didn’t know either! Here’s a chance to just have a blast with the band and not have to lift a finger for dinner. We’ll bring the ingredients and cook book, you just bring the fire extinguisher.

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