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Andrew Bird, Alec Ounsworth, Dry the River, Elvis Perkins, Hayden, Keaton Henson sing on this exclusive YBP covers album


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1. Andrew Bird – Fake Headlines (New Pornographers)
2. Hayden – Family Tree (TV on the Radio)
3. Elvis Perkins ft. Alec Ounsworth – Mexican Ritual (Alec Ounsworth)
4. Whispertown – Give A Little Love (Rilo Kiley)
5. Micah P. Hinson – Not One Bit Ashamed (King Creosote)
6. King Creosote – Take It In (Hot Chip)
7. Alec Ounsworth – How’s Forever Been Baby (Elvis Perkins)
8. Keaton Henson – Take Care (Beach House)
9. Dry the River – Satellite Mind (Metric)
10. T E Morris – Much More Then That (Sharon Van Etten)

Since 2006, Yellow Bird Project (YBP) has been collaborating with indie rock bands to raise money and awareness for various charity organizations. They’ve worked with bands such as Bon Iver, Beach House, Best Coast, Bloc Party, Broken Social Scene, The National and The Shins to produce exclusive t-shirts for charity.

Now, the ultimate YBP covers compilation is nearly here. The concept is simple: YBP bands covering YBP bands. Good versus good. Mano y mano. Imagine Andrew Bird taking on The New Pornographers, Keaton Heston doing Beach House. We’re almost there, folks. Let’s make this dream a reality. Like Inception.


After three fruitful years, the first-ever YBP compilation of covers is sounding sweet as sugar. It’s not errday that a beautiful group of YBP artists secretly record and mix their fave tracks from fellow YBP bands, but lucky for us, they’ve gone and done it alright. Rad-city? Indeed it is. And a labour of love too. GOOD PEOPLE ROCK is now in its priming stage, ready to bottle on vinyl and CD. Each of the 10 songs were recorded exclusively for this compilation.


There’s the beauty of Andrew Bird (can the man do no wrong?). You’ll find out what it feels like to be sailing on a dreamboat when you hear Whispertown cover Rilo Kiley’s ‘Give A Little Love’ and TV on the Radio’s ‘Family Tree’, re-imagined by the one and only, Hayden. The great Keaton Henson takes on Beach House and King Creosote takes on his mates from Hot Chip. It’s all golden, the whole flippin’ lot of it. Good people really do rock!


With each of the 10 songs now recorded, YBP is reaching out to you to help them raise enough funds to finalize the album. All of the money which is raised from this campaign will be used to pay for its mastering, artwork, marketing and distribution. So we are calling upon you for help, but empty handed we are not – there some pretty awesome swapsies up for grabs!


See with every pledge, a prize is earned. For your kindness you see. There’s a heap of really relevant and creative mementoes for the taking, including an exclusive t-shirt and a special printed poetry zine with original contributions from some of the album’s featured artists. Get your music just the way you like it, in CD, MP3 or vinyl format. Imagine cracking that vinyl plastic in the foreseeable future and sitting back with two fingers of whiskey to hear the rocking-chair beauty of Micah’s acoustic rendition of King Creosotes ‘Not One Bit Ashamed’. Not too bad at all, we thinks.


GOOD PEOPLE ROCK is a labour of love. For true. To make this magic happen, a handful of YBP artists recorded and mixed their own covers of fellow YBP bands. How rad is that? Sure, the idea’s cool, but wait until you hear the songs. Dry the River covering Metric (oo-laa), Alec Ounsworth (of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) does Elvis Perkins (yee-ha!). And Elvis returns the favour, covering an unreleased Alec Ounsworth b-side. Majestic, really.

Music laced with love and respect, all for the efforts of raising funding and awareness for YBP so we can continue on our mission to help charities marry together with indie bands around the world. What better way to do it than by spreading the word about good music that we love? :)

Please get involved and help us bring this incredible record into the world!

♥ Yellow Bird Project

Album cover photo of Shane by Megan McIsaac
Album cover design by Emilia Buggins
Video teaser by Joe Presser
Special thanks to Nathan Hetherington & Nicole White

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A Yellow Bird Project covers compilation, with exclusive tracks from Andrew Bird, Alec Ounsworth, Dry the River, Elvis Perkins, Keaton Henson & more.

Once the tracks have been primmed and propered we’ll get them to you in an e-version. E-mazing.

CD + Free Download

CD + Free Download
436 left

You get the CD w/ free shipping and the digi version, to simplify your life.

Plus access to the bonus content in the Updates section.

CD + Printed Poetry Zine

CD + Printed Poetry Zine
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A little loot bag filled with goodies. Includes GOOD PEOPLE ROCK on CD, a free digital download PLUS a beautifully printed copy of the YBP Poetry Zine, ‘Selected Poems by Indie Rock Stars’, with original works of poetry & prose from 17 different indie artists. The zine includes contributions from some of the album’s featuring artists, including the great Keaton Henson, Micah P. Hinson and Peter Liddle of Dry the River. And FREE SHIPPING, of course!

12" Vinyl + Free Download

12" Vinyl + Free Download
479 left

How nice would it be to pop a cold one, set the needle and spend the night being swept away to the land of Keaton and Beach House, Metric and Whispertown. Devine times indeed. You’ll also get a free digital download of the album with free shipping to boot. Party on, Wayne!

12" Vinyl & YBP Poetry Zine

12" Vinyl & YBP Poetry Zine
186 left

For just a fiver more, you’ll get the vinyl AND poetry zine delivered to your door! A treat for the eyes and the ears, that is. Plus you’ll get the free download, free shipping, and all that jazz.

Digi Album + T-Shirt

Digi Album + T-Shirt
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If you like artwork but you don’t like CDs, then here’s your chance to listen to our album and wear the cover art on your chest instead! This prize includes a free digital download and an exclusive t-shirt featuring the GOOD PEOPLE ROCK album cover art. Shipping to your doorstep is included with the price. Music + T-Shirt = Win

CD & YBP Poetry Zine & T-Shirt

CD & YBP Poetry Zine & T-Shirt
94 left

For a clean fiddy, you’ll score not only the CD and the poetry zine, but also an exclusive GOOD PEOPLE ROCK shirt – great for wearing! The t-shirt features the album’s cover art, featuring Shane photographed by Megan McIsaac. You’ll also get the free download and FREE. SHIPPING. Duh!

12" Vinyl & Poetry Zine & T-Shirt

12" Vinyl & Poetry Zine & T-Shirt
190 left

New vinyl, a good read and some new threads – and the utmost of appreciation and lovin’ good vibes squeezing out of our heads over the oceans to you. Includse a free digital download, just like the rest of ’em, plus, wait for it…. FREE SHIPPING!

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