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PledgeMusic payment delays

TL;DR: I am assuming full responsibility for fulfilling your pledges so you have nothing to worry about. Message to all pledgers who supported this campaign: You might have encountered lately sev...

These are not snowflakes, they are falling stars

The year is just about to end, and so is my coming new album’s crowdfunding campaign. I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you who pledged for it. As you probably already have gathered from the campaign’s video and the many different updates, this is going to be an excellent release for 2019, with some of the best musicians living on planet Earth taking part in it.

I can’t wait to fulfil all the pledges, signing the CDs, pressing the books, shipping the T-shirts and give you the Skype lessons and all other items you’ve pledged for. You really made this project work!

I wish you all a Happy New Year. Don’t forget to countdown tonight, both for the new year and for the launch of “Somewhere in this universe, somebody hits a drum”.

Much love,

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What do Astronauts play when they don't play Astronauts 2 & Why I sing by myself

Roberto takes a break from all that progressive fusion stuff to play some music he hates. Here is how much:

Being a guitarist, taking up the lead vocals in “Somewhere in this universe, somebody hits a drum” was something I had to give quite a bit of thought to. Because I am not a professional vocalist and that part is quite challenging even for experienced singers I had to decide whether I give it the time and effort required to make it sound as good as the other parts or have someone else do it. I think I chose the right path though :)

Final recordings with Matt…. this is going to be an awesome album!

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you all! We’re taking a short holiday break before the campaign ends, and would like to remind you that this is the last chance to make this album a special gift for your prog loved ones. All 20 of them. Or at least that one you care about the most ;)