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AccessPass: Young Volcanoes

Young Volcanoes

Completed in bits and pieces over the course of five years, in seven states, with the talents of countless musicians, Young Volcanoes is a ten-track LP that tells the story of my musical journey and contains traces of every step along the way.

Young Volcanoes CD


All of the digital access, plus a copy of the album on CD (signed, if you’d like) and a “thank you” note sent straight to your door.

Young Volcanoes CD + Signed Handwritten Lyric Sheet

90 left

In addition to a signed copy of the CD, I’ll take out my finest quill and ink (or trusty Smith Corona) and scribble (or type) out the lyrics to a song of your choice… this could be from the new record or any release from the past.

Young Volcanoes CD + Signed Polaroid from the sessions

95 left

Get a one-of-a-kind polaroid taken by me or one of the band members during the sessions for the new record, some taken on the road in between sessions, some of places you’ll recognize, some that may even be part of the album artwork.

Young Volcanoes CD + Hand Screenprinted T-shirt

116 left

A copy of Young Volcanoes on CD and a t-shirt hand-selected for you and hand-screenprinted by yours truly. Let me know what size you would like (XS-XL).

Young Volcanoes CD + Signed 11x17 Poster

294 left

All of the digital access, plus a signed CD + 11×17 poster.

Deluxe Handmade Young Volcanoes CD


A handmade gift box containing a copy of the record on CD, a photo and lyric booklet and handwritten lyrics to a song of your choice.

Young Volcanoes Deluxe 180-gram Vinyl


A copy of Young Volcanoes on limited edition, deluxe 180-gram colored vinyl.

Vinyl Test Pressing courtesy of United Record Pressing

45 left

United Record Pressing is offering an extremely limited (only 50 made, tops!) test pressing of Young Volcanoes on vinyl to those of you who pledge $50.

Signed, hand-numbered ltd-edition Jean Fogelberg poster + CD

44 left

Inspired by the record, Jean Fogelberg created this piece, Little Volcanoes, and we’re printing a limited run of posters, signed, hand-numbered and ready for framing. Comes with a copy of the CD.

For the Young Volcano who wants it all...


This one’s for you if you like vinyl, but you need a copy of the CD for the car, and you’re hoping to decorate your walls with the Young Volcanoes cover art, though you’d really like to have some handwritten lyrics too… and you’re shirtless. CD, vinyl, poster, lyrics and a custom t-shirt all shipped to your door, you indecisive but unbelievably generous soul, you.

One Hour with Me and a Piano

48 left

Want me to play you a private concert over Skype? Teach you to play piano? Work on a song with you? Give you advice while seated at an 88-key percussion instrument? You tell me..

Record Piano or Sing on one of your Songs

10 left

You and I will chat about you or your band’s upcoming song/project/LP/rock opera via phone, email or some combination, and I’ll record piano and/or vocals for our sure-to-be-glorious upcoming collaboration.

One-of-a-kind Song, Recorded Just for You!

21 left

This one is a blank slate- I’ll record you a personal, one-of-a-kind version of your favorite song of mine, write you something new according to your exacting specifications, anything you want!

House Concert in Burlington Area

15 left

In addition to a signed CD, I’ll show up at your house/school/place of business in the greater Burlington area and play you (and your friends/family/neighbors/fellow students/coworkers) some tunes.Transportation fees may apply- we’ll talk!

One-of-a-kind personalized Toy Piano used on the record

1 left

I just unearthed the toy piano that I used on most of Young Volcanoes – I’ll personalize it just for you, with your art direction…. This thing has traveled along to every step along the way – it’s a blank canvas awaiting your imagination – I’ll sign it, draw something on it, write the lyrics to your favorite song on there… let’s get wild.

House Concert in New England

7 left

In addition to a signed CD, I’ll show up at your house/school/place of business in New England, and play you (and your friends/family/fellow students/coworkers) some tunes, and as a special thank you for supporting the project, your name will appear in the credits! Transportation fees may apply- we’ll talk!

House Concert anywhere in the USA

5 left

In addition to a signed CD, I’ll show up at your house/school/place of business anywhere in the continental U.S., and play you (and your friends/family/neighbors/fellow students/coworkers) some tunes.Transportation fees may apply- we’ll talk!

The Executive Producer Package

1 left

I will put together the most outrageous package I can think of, including but definitely not limited to most things listed here, and plus a bunch of copies of the new record on CD & vinyl (so you can pass them around to friends who want to know what projects you’ve executive produced lately), and play a private house concert for you anywhere in the continental USA… plus you’ll be listed in the credits as an Executive Producer for the album.

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