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Get 101 Tracks From Chant Records + WARRIORS Pre-Order Ends Oct 25! + Chant Fest

Hey All -

IT’S ALMOST HERE!!!! By ‘it,’ I of course mean the release of Zion80’s WARRIORS album. The album would literally not be possible with out the generosity of our pledgers. If you are one of those amazing people, you’ll be getting the full download THIS WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 25 and your CDs, t-shirts, sheet music and other rewards soon after that. See below for a sneak peak at the album cover. (If you’re reading this and you haven’t pre-ordered the album, you can do so until October 25 at You’ll get tons of goodies when you order like exclusive Zion80 live tracks and more).

As I’ve mentioned in previous updates, Zion80’s WARRIORS will be released on Chant Records, the label that I’ve launched along with my longtime friend, collaborator and bass wizard Shanir Blumenkranz. Chant’s mission is to release adventurous and uncompromising music across the spectrum. Nuff said, right? :)

To kick off the label, we’ve released a MASSIVE, FREE 101-track compilation called STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. Artists on STRENGTH IN NUMBERS include Bill Laswell, Erik Friedlander, Billy Martin, Greg Cohen, Jamie Saft, Makigami Koichi, Baye Kouyatè, Ned Rothenberg, Yemen Blues, Hamid Drake, Frank London and Avishai Cohen. You’ll get the compilation for free streaming and download when you sign up for Chant’s email list at Plus you’ll get all the Chant Records news, including November 1 releases from Darshan, Sandcatchers, The Fugu Plan and of course Zion80.

Chant Records is also hosting the inaugural Chant Festival in NYC this Thursday-Sunday, October 26-29. I’ll be playing with my funk/groove/jazz quartet Blivet on October 26 and with Zion80 on October 28. Check out the full lineup at

And now, here’s a sneak peak at the cover of WARRIORS….

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Thank you again for your support, and don’t forget to get the Chant compilation at

All the best,


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