I Have a Question About PledgeMusic...

Before contacting us, check out our FAQ to see if you can find the answer to your question there. If the FAQ doesn’t answer your question, reach out to us with the form below.

When do I get my items? How can I cancel my pledge? I’m trying to download onto my iPad or iPhone. Why won’t it let me? What is the AccessPass? Are there any additional shipping costs?

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I Need Help With an Order I Placed...

If you have a question or concern about an order that you’ve already made, you can ask a question from your Orders page. Just go to the correct order and click “Contact us about this pledge.”

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I'm Having Trouble Ordering...

If you are still having trouble pledging, let us know what the problem is. If it’s a technical issue, be as specific as possible so we can solve it more quickly.

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