Bash & Pop - American rock band

Bash & Pop – Keeping the Spirit of Rock’ n’ Roll Alive

Bash & Pop is an American rock band formed by Tommy Stinson, the former bassist of The Replacements, in 1992. The band’s initial lineup included Steve Foley (drums), Kevin Foley (guitar), and Steve Brantseg (guitar). Known for their raw energy and rock ‘n’ roll attitude, Bash & Pop emerged during the post Replacements era, bringing a fresh yet nostalgic sound to the rock scene.


  • “Loose Ends”
  • “Never Aim to Please”
  • “On the Rocks”
  • “Anything Could Happen”


  • “Friday Night Is Killing Me” (1993)
  • “Anything Could Happen” (2017)


  • “Friday Night Is Killing Me” – The debut album featuring tracks like “Loose Ends” and “Never Aim to Please,” which showcased the band’s raw rock energy.
  • “Anything Could Happen” – Their comeback album released in 2017, highlighted by the title track and “On the Rocks,” reflecting a matured yet energetic sound.

Significant Song Video Clips or Songs

  • “Loose Ends” – Known for its catchy riff and compelling video, capturing the band’s raw essence.
  • “On the Rocks” – A standout track from their comeback album, featuring a gritty and engaging video.


Bash & Pop’s peak popularity came in the early 1990s with the release of their debut album. They performed at various clubs and venues across the United States, often drawing enthusiastic crowds of rock enthusiasts and Replacements fans. Notable performances include their energetic shows at iconic venues such as First Avenue in Minneapolis. The band’s live performances were celebrated for their high energy and Stinson’s charismatic stage presence.

Latest Project

Bash & Pop’s latest project is the album “Anything Could Happen” (2017), which marked a significant return after a long hiatus. The album features singles like “On the Rocks” and “Unfuck You”, showcasing the band’s ability to blend raw rock ‘n’ roll with melodic hooks. Following the release of the album, Bash & Pop toured extensively, playing at various festivals and venues, reconnecting with old fans and attracting new ones. The album and subsequent tour reaffirmed Bash & Pop’s place in the rock scene.