Payable on Death Aka P.O.D. – Nu-Metal Titans with a Positive Message

P.O.D. (Payable on Death) is an American Christian nu-metal band formed in 1992 in San Diego, California. The band’s lineup includes Sonny Sandoval (vocals), Marcos Curiel (guitar), Traa Daniels (bass), and Wuv Bernardo (drums). Known for their fusion of metal, reggae, and rap, P.O.D. has been a significant force in the nu-metal genre, delivering powerful messages of faith, hope, and perseverance.


  • “Alive”
  • “Youth of the Nation”
  • “Boom”
  • “Satellite”
  • “Southtown”
  • “Will You”


  • “Snuff the Punk” (1994)
  • “Brown” (1996)
  • “The Fundamental Elements of Southtown” (1999)
  • “Satellite” (2001)
  • “Payable on Death” (2003)
  • “Testify” (2006)
  • “When Angels & Serpents Dance” (2008)
  • “Murdered Love” (2012)
  • “The Awakening” (2015)
  • “Circles” (2018)


  • “The Fundamental Elements of Southtown” – Their breakthrough album, featuring hits like “Southtown” and “Rock the Party (Off the Hook).”
  • “Satellite” – Their most successful album, with iconic tracks such as “Alive,” “Youth of the Nation,” and “Boom.”
  • “The Acoustic Sessions” – A unique project showcasing acoustic versions of their classic songs, highlighting their versatility and depth.

Significant Song Video Clips or Songs

  • “Alive” – Known for its uplifting message and visually striking video.
  • “Youth of the Nation” – A poignant track addressing school violence, accompanied by a powerful video.
  • “Boom” – Famous for its high-energy performance and vibrant video.


P.O.D.’s peak popularity in the early 2000s saw them performing at major venues and festivals worldwide. They have headlined tours across North America, Europe, and Asia, and played at iconic events such as Ozzfest and Rock am Ring. Their live shows are celebrated for their energetic performances and strong connection with the audience, often drawing large crowds and leaving a lasting impact.

Latest Project

P.O.D.’s latest project includes “The Acoustic Sessions” (2014), an album featuring acoustic renditions of their most beloved songs. This album highlights the band’s ability to reinterpret their hard-hitting tracks into more intimate, acoustic versions while maintaining the emotional intensity of the originals. Additionally, P.O.D. continues to tour extensively, performing at various venues and festivals, and connecting with fans worldwide.