Timo Tolkki

Timo Tolkki

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Classical Variations 2: CREDO



of goal

Dear Fans,

While I have been working on the new Credo album, I started to speak with several friends in the music business to exchange creative ideas.

A lot of musicians and people I talked to were really impressed with how the material is coming along. This brought me in contact with some people
that offered me really interesting and better situation on both artistic and personal level. However this new incredible opportunity that I have is not
compatible with the Pledgemusic project which I have started with you.

Considering that I am looking at a way more interesting and exciting project which will ultimately make you happier, dear friends and fans, I have decided
to cancel the work done so far on the Credo album. Everybody will be contacted and reimbursed from the pledges I have received.

Again, there is no reason to be disappointed, you will hear and see very soon (probably in the first quarter of 2013) the outcome of this.
Needless to say this is an exciting and creative period in my life and it has been very uplifting to see that you are out there supporting my music and work.

Please know that this is important for me and has given me strength to create and look to the the future in a brighter and more exciting way. Stay tuned for
more great news soon!

All the best, Timo Tolkki


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AccessPass: Classical Variations 2: CREDO

Classical Variations 2: CREDO

Includes all the tracks included in the “Lyra” and “Vega” CD’s respectively.
Also access to updates, videos, songs not available on the album and a bunch of interesting stuff!

Credo T-Shirt

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Official T-shirt of the CREDO project. Black. Not available anywhere else.

Copy of the Credo Diary

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Copy of the handwritten Credo Diary.

Signed Double CD with Booklet


Includes the entire song material on 2 CD discs “Lyra” and “Vega”. Only available for pledgers. Never to be sold in shops or in internet retail chains. All copies personally signed by Timo.



All the songs from the double CD, 12-page vinyl format booklet, 2 Timo Tolkki Guitar Picks and special Credo Poster.

PRICE: 65$

Credo Deluxe Box

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Big Deluxe Box (15cm wide, 21cm high & 3cm thick) containing the Double CD, Special “Making of Credo” DVD that includes material not seen on the Pledgemusic site, 44 page big booklet containing artworks and landscape photos taken by Timo. All copies personally signed. This item is not available anywhere else!!

Credo Super Deluxe Box

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All that the regular Deluxe box contains plus additionally a signed copy of Timo Tolkki’s book “Loneliness of a Thousand Years”, Official Credo project shirt or Key to the Universe shirt and remastered version of the original 1994 release of Classical Variations and Themes .This item is not available anywhere else!!

Skype Guitar Lesson

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Skype Guitar Lesson with Timo Tolkki. Duration 4 hours. Ask everything you want and get latest tricks online.

Original Credo Diary

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Original handwritten diary book about each day of the project. Happenings, emotions,feelings. All handwritten with date markings. Around 200 pages. Hardcover Diary.

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