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The much anticipated collaborative studio project between these two true music innovators DEEP FOREST & GAUDI, has gloriously resulted in the release of ‘Epic Circuits’, their – two years in the making – brand new album due for release in July 2018 on vinyl LP, CD, DDL.

Their individual careers have spanned the last three decades, both pioneering the world-music scene back in the 90s and they still continue to relentlessly deliver distinctive "genre-bending” innovative sounds. Now Grammy Award winner Deep Forest and renowned electronica-dub producer/musician Gaudi have composed a beautifully-crafted cinematic album, using analogue and modular synthesizers as an “electronic platform” on which to place their other instruments of choice, from the grand piano to the theremin. This album combines Deep Forest’s blissful melodies with Gaudi’s extraordinaire dub production techniques

To put it simply, these guys know how to deliver top quality music, scoring the highest sound production-standard in every release they do. In their years of celebrated careers they both amassed a stunning collection of originals, albums, remixes and chart positions worldwide. After meeting each other on tour in India five years ago, they’ve decided to embark in this music-adventure together, starting with the production of new songs and remixes for each other, followed by touring in Australia, England and New Zealand which naturally brought new music inspirations to the pair, resulting in the creation of the new album ‘Epic Circuits’.

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Signed CD
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The new album, available to download upon released as MP3 or FLAC.

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