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"A Herd of Turtles"

This week’s Video Update is a bit lo-fi…. due to me being busy finishing “Behold Electric Guitar”! The band and I have finished six songs already, and we’re aiming at a similar number of songs in this week’s recording sessions. And the “final lap” of recording certain has my musical inspiration at full intensity. As an example check out this demo video of “A Herd of Turtles” at the end of this Video Update. I’m not sure if I’ll include it, being that it’s one of the stranger songs that I’ve written. But it has emotion and groove, and at the least you can get a glimpse into how I like to experiment if inspiration hits me.

Last week was a dramatic week in the drum department. Our drummer, Brian Foxworth, played some absolutely stunning drums on the three songs, and then the next morning collapsed on the studio floor from exhaustion. We called 911, and he was taken to the hospital to make sure he could have a safe recovery. Thankfully, he’s doing much better now.

But I needed to keep making music. So we called in another legendary Portland drummer, Reinhardt Melz. Reinhardt learned the songs quickly, and played fantastic grooves, so we could stay on track for the first week’s production.

I really wanted to have the same band for my upcoming live shows as in the studio. I didn’t want to risk Brian’s health, and Reinhardt had other gigs during that time, so I contacted my other favorite drummer of the Pacific Northwest…. Bill Ray (from Seattle.) I recorded with Bill a couple years ago for some tracks I did for Japan, and he played amazingly. So I’m really happy to have him onboard for both the remaining recording sessions, and also my live shows at The Iridium and the Ardmore Music Hall.

And through all of this…. the music is sounding amazing. Oh! That reminds me. On our first day of setting up our instruments around the “one mic,” our producer/engineer Jon Cuniberti came in and said, “We need to use more mics.” He explained that because of the acoustics of the room, and volume of the band (I do play a bit loud!), the overall sound would be a lot better if we put separate mics on the instruments. It’s still a minimal setup to keep things honest, and we’re playing live with no overdubs. So the spirit of the music is still exactly what I wanted…. just with more clarity. I still hope to do more one-mic recording someday, but it may work better if I do some quieter music, and I’m not sure when that’s going to happen. I may be getting into blues and jazz, but I still can’t help but ROCK.

I continue to be really excited about how “Behold Electric Guitar” is turning out. John just sent me the mix of the first song, and I was smiling and grooving the whole time. I looking forward to sharing it everyone very soon!

Thank you,


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